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  • Smell: lemon
  • Cosmetic paraffin wax with a low melting point, about 44-46 degrees Celsius is suitable for health and beauty treatment, Extra suitable for sensitive type of skin

    Very pleasant and enjoyable applications thanks to unusually low melting point of the paraffin wax - non-allergenic - without any additives

    This cosmetic paraffin wax was tested on the State Health Institute in Prague on health safety of cosmetic paraffin wax

    This cosmetic paraffin wax was tested determining cutaneous tolerability in humans, suitable for all skin types

    Use the wax maximum 2 years after opening the wax bag

  • Soft Wax - 100ml refill - Made in Italy

    Professional product - used in beauty salons, however, it also works well for depilation at home.

    Wax for sensitive skin and strong hair

    Wax epilation is the most popular method of removing hairs for the summer.

    It is cheap, fast and effective. After making it, we enjoy perfectly smooth skin for up to three weeks.

    Italian grow back more slowly than after shaving them with a razor and they are not that strong.

    Wax is used on every part of the body - from the face to the underarm, the abdomen, the back leg or the bikini area.