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  • Adult Size Slippers but you can cut them down for kids use.
  • These pedicure slippers are durable, disposable, and inexpensive.
  • White
  • 1 pair
  • 12 pairs
  • 24 pairs

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Make sure ‘hard’ re-usable equipment such as tweezers and cuticle knives are sterilised between use on clients by a glass-bead steriliser or an autoclave. Please keep in mind that ‘Ultra-violet sterilisers’ DO NOT sterilise. Ultra violet light has disinfectant properties only.

Use disposable products where possible e.g. disposable strips for waxing, orange sticks and emery boards for manicures, disposable mascara wands etc. Disposable razors are recommended for shaving.

Thoroughly cleanse makeup brushes, sponges, towels etc. between uses. ALL equipment should be cleaned between use, including combs, hairbrushes, rollers, streaking caps, clippers and scissors.

The premises must be kept in a clean and hygienic condition at all times. The finish on all surfaces within the salon should be made of materials that are easily cleaned. All surfaces within the salon should be cleaned, at least, daily. All waste should be bagged and disposed daily.

Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and makeup artists must wash their hands before and after attending a client or definitely use a hand sanitizer.

Keep a tab on the expiry date of products and do discard them if they have crossed it. Don't go by the odour or the look and feel of the products - beauty and makeup products can have the same odour, look and feel even after the expiry date. If you use them beyond that date, you unknowingly maybe applying microbial makeup and bacterial beauty creams on your client's face which might lead to skin problems such as pimples and rashes.

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