Lemon Cosmetic Paraffin Wax Body 500 g

Cosmetic paraffin wax with a low melting point, about 44-46 degrees Celsius is suitable for health and beauty treatment, Extra suitable for sensitive type of skin

Very pleasant and enjoyable applications thanks to unusually low melting point of the paraffin wax - non-allergenic - without any additives

This cosmetic paraffin wax was tested on the State Health Institute in Prague on health safety of cosmetic paraffin wax

This cosmetic paraffin wax was tested determining cutaneous tolerability in humans, suitable for all skin types

Use the wax maximum 2 years after opening the wax bag

  • 500ml
  • Yellow
  • lemon

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How to Make a Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands and Feet

Paraffin hand and foot treatments are used in spas and salons to lock in moisture. They soften the skin, leaving it prepped for a perfect manicure or pedicure. 

Going to the salon every week isn't always in the budget, though.

Thankfully, you can do your own paraffin wax treatment at home for a fraction of the cost.

You can buy a wonderful paraffin wax bath that includes everything you need. As an alternative, you can make your own using a double boiler, casserole dish, and sandwich bags. The easiest place to find paraffin wax is in the canning section of your local grocery store, or you can find it online. 

Some waxes are pre-scented with soothing essential oils like lavender. You can add this to an unscented wax with your favorite essential oils as well.

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