SLIP SOLUTION Poly-acryl gely flex system 200ml

innovative method - Poly-acryl gely flex system

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product necessary for the method - SLIP SOLUTION Poly-acryl gely flex system

  • 200ml

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The innovative POLYsystem method.

POLYsystem is an innovative hybrid of gel and acrylic systems combining the best features of both systems in one product.

Poly-acryl gely flex is an unusual product for modeling and extending nails,
more flexible than acrylic, but stronger than gel.

Unlike the traditional thick gel, Poly-acryl gely flex
it's not self-leveling, but it stays where you put it on,
you can perfectly spread it with a slip solution - dipping the Slip Solution liquid brush.

Unlike acrylic, it doesn't harden during work,
it can be modeled for a very long time, and only then cured in an LED lamp
(60-90 seconds) or UV (2 min.)

When curing Poly-acryl gely flex, there is no baking effect on the plate.

Very easy product application
Very high product viscosity
The product does not affect the edges of the nails
More flexible than acrylic
The product can be easily formed on the nail plate
Much more stable than conventional UV gels
The product maintains its properties and viscosity up to 50 ° C
Can be applied to all types of nails
Can be applied to all nail lengths
Odorless and safe
Without volatile organic compounds
High product strength after curing
Minimally sticky and matt surface after curing
Does not cause burning sensation during curing
UV curing: 120 seconds *
Curing in LED: 60 - 120 seconds *
Curing in Dual LED: 60 - 120 seconds *

* depending on the type of lamp and layer thickness

TIP: To remove the cuticles, nourish the nail plate and extend the life of the applied product, we recommend
BalbCare Manicure before application.

Prepare the nail plate - the same as in the gel method.

Use POLY Prep to gently dry and degrease the nail plate.
Use POLY Grip to increase the adhesion of the natural nail plate.
Apply a thin layer of Poly Base and cure in the lamp.

* optionally apply the form if you plan to extend the nail plate.

Soak the POLY Instrument in POLY Liquid, take the right amount of POLY Thick Clear and apply to the nail
Dampen the POLY brush, drain the excess with a cotton swab and form POLY Thick Clear on the nail.

* our product does not flood cuticles, so you can easily form a nail to the desired shape.

Cure in a lamp and then wipe off the dispersion layer with POLY liquid.
Give the desired shape to the file and level it with a polisher

* optionally apply any color or decoration.

Apply a thin layer of POLY finish and cure in the lamp.

Finish your work as if you were using the gel method - wipe your nails with a cleaner and apply olive on the cuticles.


The preparation may cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation. In case of irritation - rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.
Store in a dry, cool place. Protect from sunlight. Keep away from children. The product is for professional use only.


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